Tiled Map Editor Tileset Style Change

Big news, yet good news. I have recently been surfing the net for decent Map editor. I found Tiled, Java. It`s great! Simply make the tiles, arrange them into your desired size next to eachother then import them. It`s all drag and drop and click and hold. It`s like an RPG map maker, but you supply the tilesets! It`s great, smart, grid snapped and fast and easy to use. You can`t actually make games with it. If you want to download this FREE program click here: http://mapeditor.org/downloads.html, then click the TOP download link.

About the tileset change, all tilesets are now going to be 32 x 32 and next to eachother, touching, so that you can take a shot of them, crop it then import it into Tiled Map Editor to begin making maps with it! I now have two tilesets ready for Saturday, But I also need to make the Halloween one, although it’s a bit late now. So I will be adding 3 tilesets on Saturday!


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I`m terribly sorry, but due to school and homework, I haven’t been able to create and post any tilesets! There’s never enough time to make one, only time to check my blog! But I’m working on it, I’ll try and create two tilesets for this Saturday, I will post them then. 🙂

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Quaint Little Village Tileset

Heres a quaint little village tileset, for all of those interested in adventure and mystery…


Heres an example:

Mitiki Village!

Mitiki Village!

Ooh, my next tileset will be…well, what will it be? Something to do with the 31st of October…

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Country Estate Tileset

Heres my weekly tileset, the country estate lane.

Country Lane tileset

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Winter Tileset

Going for it even in the cold, here`s my winter tileset.


Here`s the example


Crystilia, my winter tileset example town.

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My Tilesets

Well, here`s my first tileset, the basic tileset. I hope you like it!

Please give credit if used.

Please give credit if used.

And heres an example of how I would make a town out of this tileset.

Welcome to Riverview! Hey, I might make an rpg using Riverview!

Welcome to Riverview! Hey, I might make an rpg using Riverview!

Credit to Mayu: www.myacwwdiary.wordpress.com, for the red brick tile, (the path used in Riverview). Next Saturday, I will post a winter theme.

Here we go! The camping tileset, this was made on the same day as the basic tileset for a one off because my site is brand  new. Please give credit if used, these ones are of better quality than the basic and took much longer to make!

camping tileset
Again, heres the example.


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My Custom Tilesets

Hello, this is my first website for custom tilesets. All of these tilesets are made by me, pixel by pixel using the scratch (www.scratch.mit.edu) paint editor. Please let me know what you think, at please give credit if you use them. I will add a new tileset each week. Enjoy!

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